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In case of emergencies like heart strokes (heart attack), accidental cases appropriate decision along with fast, 

rapid and spontaneous action can only save the life of patient, but miss-happening doesn’t come with a call it’s 

unpredictable and is associated with uncertainty. In such cases medical team always needs to be on high alert. 

In such cases special medical staff is recruited you can take care of patient round the clock. During such time 

people associated with patient are always in state of panic and in unstable emotional state so its duty of 

medical staff to look after patient and there near and dear once.


There are two parallel health organizations that flow in every nation one is completely owned by Government and 

the other one is owned by private sector. Today both the sectors are striving to achieve best and serve people 

in best possible way for this state of art equipments and modern labs are set up to provide patients with hassle 

free experience. Apart from state of art equipment well trained staff is also needed who are able to tackle situation 

in most appropriate manner, a basic medical staff is composed of staff nurses, emergency nurses, doctors and lab technical.

The fist and foremost persons who is counteracts with patient is nurse, a nurses job is most responsible one as she 

has not only look after patient but also there attendants. For emergency cases special nurses are recruited these nurses are 

certified with CEN i.e. a special certificate stating that that the person who holds this certificate is capable enough in handling 

medical emergency cases. During treatment phase attendants of patients are worried about what’s going on with there near and dear once 

it’s again job of these nurses to calm down attendants and make them believe that every this is going to be fine and there loved one will be

 in good health soon.

After Nurse Doctor is the most important person whose single decision can make difference in penitent’s life? 

Dr. Cliff Merchant MD is a visionary and veteran medical professional who specializes in handling emergency of medical cases. 

This two decade old medical professional has established himself as a brand name who has cured countless people not only 

in Alaska but also from other states of United States of America. Dr. Cliff Merchant

and his team are quick and spontaneousin there decision and his motto is to serve humanity in best possible way.