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Today, we have been listening a lot about the preventive measures for hypertension and the related diseases. As such, people have become aware of having low-fat diet, and they take care to eat healthy to manage the cholesterol level, to avoid the heart related problems. Even then, myocardial infarction, commonly known as heart attack, has become a major cause of sudden death of the people, all around the world. Dr. Cliff Merchant, a known face in the medical arena of United States, has always been extremely careful towards the people suffering from heart ailment. Like every other successful medical professional, he has always given priority to his patients, no matter however critical the situation might have turned towards him. It will not be wrong to say that a doctor is a human being, who might have certain limitations.Yet, he believes in never to die attitude, and does not compromise with his responsibility as a doctor, over his personal needs.

It’s really unfortunate that people die not because of lack of treatment, but because of lack of awareness. The symptoms of heart attack vary from person to person, and a patient fails to realize that he is undergoing the condition of heart attack, well on time. However, if the condition of a person seems to be going out of control, the family members, friends or the people surrounding the heart patient must carry him to the doctor, who has rich experience in handling emergency situations. Dr. Clifford Merchant is the first name that often sticks in the mind of the residents of Alaska. He is the person, whom you can rely with blind-fold eyes, because he knows how to make the patient comfortable, when he arrives in the hospital in the critical situation.

A doctor who behaves in a gentle manner succeeds in relaxing the patient, and wins half the battle for taking the patient out of the dreadful medical condition. Dr. Clifford Merchant is truly concerned about spreading awareness among the people that no wealth is more precious than being healthy. He boosts the moral of the patient and his caretakers, and make sure that the patient comes to him for the follow up, without any hesitation. He believes that he has chosen this noble profession to be able to serve the mankind. Unlike many other doctors, he has never shown the strict professionalism, because his ideology of life is a bit different from the many other hard-core professionals.

Unfortunately, his flexibility has been misunderstood by the people, who want to manipulate the situation, in their own interest. In the current situations, it is hard to find any doctor who will exempt any patient from paying his fees, but Dr. Clifford Merchant is an exception. However, it’s truly pathetic that his merciful nature went against him at some instances, and the people wanted to tint his image, out of no cause. Still, the gentlemen avoided taking any legal action against them for defaming him. Rather, he has always tried to win the hearts of people with his good deeds. May he continue to act in a similar manner, in the days to come!